TWIW’s Project of the Week: Trombones for the Tigers!

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WORCESTER – Learning to play an instrument can be an enriching experience and Mr. Hubbard, a teacher at Worcester East Middle School, wants to bring the joy of music to all of his students.

In hopes of reaching all of the students in the school, Worcester East Middle School will be adding a band program to their schedule. Mr. Hubbard wants to create a loan system that “allows for students to be able to make music without worrying about the financial burden renting an instrument may put on their families.

But there’s a catch. Although the principle has provided Mr. Hubbard with music stands and other equipment, there is no way to pay for the instruments needed for an all-inclusive band.

Mr. Hubbard decided to create a post titled “Trombones for the Tigers” on He is looking for your help in reaching his goal of $466 in order to purchase two trombones for his students. He still needs to earn $317 and has until May 23 to make his all-inclusive music program a reality.

Visit to find out more.

Note: In our latest attempt to help Worcester teachers raise funds for much-needed classroom equipment, we’ve decided to highlight one teacher’s campaign per week. Previously, we had attempted to publish 20 campaigns each week, but have come to the conclusion that a focus on one specific campaign each week will be more beneficial to the teacher and their students.

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