Twix are the Most Popular Halloween Candy in MA in 2021

 by TWIW StaffSeptember 29, 2021

This year's most popular Halloween candy in Massachusetts is the only candy with the cookie crunch.

September 29, 2021 candy

Using Google Trends, the career experts at Zippia determined the favorite Halloween candy in each state and found that Twix is the favorite this year in Massachusetts.

Last year, Junior Mints were voted the favorite in the Bay State. (Maybe "Seinfeld" has some real pull here?)

According to Zippia, candy searches soar in the fall and the 50 states are divided when it comes to Halloween: 28 like chocolate, 22 like fruit/gummy candies.

September 29, 2021 candy

To see the rest of the country's favorite Halloween candy, see the map below:

September 29, 2021 candy

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