WORCESTER – Late Tuesday night, a Worcester Police Department officer witnessed a green Toyota Corolla roll through a stop sign at the intersection of Dorchester and Grafton St. The officer ran the Corolla’s registration and the vehicle was reported as stolen.

Two Worcester Men Arrested on Grafton St in Stolen Toyota Corolla 1

The officer stopped the vehicle at 335 Grafton Street after other officers arrived. The officers ordered the operator – Edgar Colon, 32, of 25 Queen St, to turn the vehicle off. Colon could not turn the car off because the vehicle’s ignition was completely destroyed. According to the WPD, this is a common way car thieves start older vehicles without keys.

Thirty-four-year-old Jorge Figuera, of 2 Agawam St. was the front seat passenger in the vehicle with a clear view of the ignition.


WPD officers found¬†screw drivers, wrenches, tire wrenches, and metal rods littered throughout the car — tools often used to break into homes and vehicles.

Colon did not have a license to operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts. Both men were removed from the car and placed under arrest. Mr. Colon was charged with Use of a Motor Vehicle without Authority, Possession of Burglarious Instruments, and Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Mr. Figueroa was charged with Use of a Motor Vehicle without Authority and Possession of Burglarious Instruments.

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