See the Map: There are More than 800 Unrepaired Gas Leaks in Worcester

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WORCESTER – Earlier this week, utility company Eversource was in Kelley Square fixing a major gas leak.

Eversource told Worcester News Tonight that the leak occurred naturally over time and the company worked to replace an old, iron cast gas pipe with a new plastic pipe into Tuesday evening.

The Worcester Fire Department had responded to three calls at the start of the week for a strong smell of gas in the area. Both the WFD and Eversource said the leak in the major intersection was no threat to the public.

According to the City of Worcester, there are more than 800 unrepaired gas leaks throughout the city. 

At last week’s City Council meeting, Mayor Joseph Petty requested the Council to go on record in support of the FUTURE Act — a bill to incentivize the state’s municipalities to transition their utilities from using explosive fossil fuels towards renewable thermal energy sources. 

The Council voted unanimously to urge the state’s legislature to pass the bill this session. 

The vote comes in the wake of the City declaring a climate emergency in early September following a presentation by Mothers Out Front — a community outreach environmental group.

SEE MAP BELOW: Locations of 800 Unrepaired Gas Leaks in Worcester

The FUTURE Act aims to help provide better communication between municipalities and utility companies and allow communities and individuals to claim property damage from gas leaks and requires the fix of any gas leak near a tree, school or other building within six months. 

See the map below to find unrepaired gas leaks in Worcester: 


Map provided by HEET

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