Unsolved: Worcester - Special Episode with Bob Ward of Boston 25

 by Tom MarinoMay 19, 2023
Last Updated May 19, 2023 7:18 AM

WORCESTER - A true crime, cold case podcast series exploring the dozens of unsolved murders and missing persons cases currently under investigation by the Worcester Police Department released a special intermission episode between seasons on Friday.

The episode features an interview with Bob Ward, a longtime Boston 25 News reporter and host of New England's Unsolved.

"Unsolved: Worcester" is a series of narrative episodes airing every Tuesday over six 10-episode series. The episodes have an average run time of 19 minutes. Season 5 of Unsolved: Worcester will start on June 13.

Listen to the special episode with Bob Ward here:

The episode is now available to stream on the following platforms:

Each episode is accompanied by a video program highlighting each victim, where the murders took place or where the missing person was last seen, and other locations important to the case. The videos will feature exclusive aerial views of Worcester from New England Sky Pix. Accompanying videos will be available on the show's website and on YouTube.

For more information and updates, visit UnsolvedWorcester.com and follow Unsolved: Worcester on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Unsolved: Worcester returns with Season 5 on June 13 with a look at the circumstances surrounding the death of 17-year-old Travis Monroe on October 1, 2006.



Image courtesy: Bob Ward

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