Vehicle in Lake Quinsigamond Prompts Multi-Agency Response

 by TWIW StaffJune 17, 2021

SHREWSBURY - Police and Fire Department personnel from Worcester and Shrewsbury, and the Massachusetts State Police, responded to Lake Quinsigamond on Wednesday, June 16, in response to a vehicle in the lake.

Emergency response began receiving reports around 9:30 PM of a vehicle off the roadway and into Lake Quinsigamond at the corner of Main St. and North Quinsigamond Ave. Witnesses and responders did not know if an occupant was in the vehicle.

Witnesses reported taillights of the vehicle visible around 25 yards into the water and slowly sinking.

Shrewsbury Police, operating the Lake Patrol boat, responded to the location to find the vehicle sinking in around 25 feet of depth. Shrewsbury Fire Department deployed its boat and a rescue swimmer.

A lake area resident provided a row boat to Shrewsbury Police, allowing two additional Shrewsbury Police to respond to the location.

Because of the depth of the water where the vehicle sank, the Worcester Fire Department Dive Team deployed and able to locate the vehicle and determine it was unoccupied.

A winch was used to remove the vehicle from the water, which was brought on shore around 12:30 AM.

The owner of the vehicle, a 2014 Ford Edge, reported it stolen from Polar Park earlier in the evening.

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