Wanna Get Away? Worcester Will Be Setting for ‘Escape the City’ Event

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WORCESTER – For some, the thought of fleeing Worcester would be a welcome respite from the traffic, weather, and the every day demands of work or school.

For many others, Worcester is home and their livelihood is tied into this city and the thought of leaving here has never once crossed their mind.

But what if you were offered a chance to escape Worcester in order to earn some great prizes?

The premise around the newest live action game, “Escape the City,” is to find safe places and people to help you throughout the city, avoid being caught by a clandestine group of agents, and escape the seven hills of Worcester.

Jason Eastty, owner of Escape Games Worcester and creator of “Escape the City” and last fall’s live action game “Find the Secret Agent,” told ThisWeekinWorcester.com that he’s turning the tables on the game’s contestants this time around and giving them a chance to “run for it instead of run towards it.”

Wanna Get Away? Worcester Will Be Setting for 'Escape the City' Event 1

“You know too much & now you’re being hunted. There’s a clandestine organization that wants you & your team eliminated. You need to find someone you can trust that can help you escape. Luckily for you there are safe places throughout the city where people are willing to help you….  for a price of course.

Can you find all of your contacts & escape the city before you’re captured?”

In what could be considered a sequel to “Find the Secret Agent,” Eastty describes “Escape the City” as putting its contestants “on the run.”

Eastty said he’s going to hire people to chase the contestants around — not literally chase them, but give the contestants the impression they’re being followed.

“Instead of finding secret agents to assist you, this time the agents are chasing you because you know too much. You have three hours to find safe places throughout Worcester before you’re ultimately able to escape,” Eastty said. “You need to escape the city, stay off the grid and find these safe places where there will be someone to help you.”

The people at the safe places for the players will have something that the contestants need to help them escape Worcester and the contestant will have something for those at the safe places in order to receive the help.

“Basically, the players are going to be bartering with those trying to help them in order to get the clues and information that will show them the way to escape,” Eastty said.

Wanna Get Away? Worcester Will Be Setting for 'Escape the City' Event 2

Do you have what it takes to Escape the City?

Eastty remained mum on prize details and game specifications, but said it would be a similar experience to “Find the Secret Agent” in terms of cost [$30] and prizes. However, he expects twice the number of contestants [“Find the Secret Agent” had around 100 players] and even more agents to be involved.

Unlike “Find the Secret Agent” which used local business at meeting points for players to find agents, “Escape the City” will use landmarks and random outdoor areas [parks, streets, tunnels] in Worcester as “safe places” to avoid the agents.

“A lot of people loved how it went last time, but we’re going to up our game on the puzzles. We’re very excited about it and we’re going to try and out do ourselves,” Eastty said.

Eastty hopes to host a live action game every six months [April & October] each year. “I feel like that’s perfect. In October, I’ll probably put on something completely different. Maybe something with zombies,” Eastty said.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 7 and tickets can be purchased here. For more information, check out Escape the City’s FAQ page.

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