Today’s Weather in Worcester – Friday, February 7

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Weather

Today’s Weather in Worcester – Friday, February 7 2

There are two things that I am keeping a very close eye on for the rest of today’s weather:

1. Area of heavy showers and thunderstorms may move through Central Mass around midday or so today.

A line of thunderstorms, some of which are currently severe, currently stretch from southeastern Pennsylvania southward to southeastern Virginia. These thunderstorms are rapidly moving northward at a forward speed of 60-70 mph and should reach Central Mass around midday. These storms ***should**** weaken some before reaching our area, but will still contain heavy rainfall, gusty winds and obviously thunder and lightning.

I will be watching this thunderstorm activity closely, in case they do hold together and remain severe.

2. Very strong wind gusts from about 3-4 pm this afternoon to about midnight tonight.

An area of low pressure will continue to rapidly strengthen as it moves northeastward across southern New England by early this afternoon. Once this low pressure system departs, the winds are expected to increase and become quite strong.

West winds of 20 to 30 mph with gusts to 45 to 55 mph are expected from about 3 pm this afternoon until about midnight tonight. These strong wind gusts could bring down tree limbs and lead to some power outages, especially over higher terrain.

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