This Week in Fantasy Football: Fantasy Buy or Sell

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It’s trade season! Owners are beginning to get frustrated with some of the players they drafted and it’s time to strike while the iron is hot. There are plenty of studs who have yet to get it going so far, and those are the guys we might want to target in a trade. Analyze your roster and see if you have players that have out performed expectation and sell high for a fantasy asset that you believe still has his best days ahead. Target the stars. Obviously, the more stars you have, the better chance you have to be there in the end. Let’s take a look at the top Buy or Sell candidates to help improve your team.

This Week in Fantasy Football: Fantasy Buy or Sell 2

Andrew Luck/Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Buy: Marcus Mariota – I’m not too keen on giving up assets for a quarterback, especially one not named Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but Mariota is very talented and has a myriad of weapons and a good outlook going forward. If you punted on the quarterback position at your draft with someone like Andy Dalton (I’m guilty of that) try and see if you can pry him away with a solid Quarterback off the waiver along with a wide receiver that you may have this is expendable on your roster.

Also buy: Deshuan Watson

Sell: Andrew Luck – We keep getting news that Luck is almost ready and he’s about to return to practice, but those rumors continue to just be rumors. While they could be true, if you are hurting for depth at the running back or wide receiver position, it may be viable to sell Luck while you can to someone that is desperate and get a piece to bolster your depth. If he comes back, chalk it up to a minor loss as you probably were able to draft him fairly late. At least you can get an upgrade at another position that may be able to help you more.There is always the chance that the Colts are 1-6 in November and don’t see the value in risking Luck getting hurt and shut him down or the season.

Also Sell: Cam Newton

Buy: Joe Mixon – The cat may be out of the bag on this one, but if there is a chance to buy low on Mixon, it’s right now. Cincinnati had a little bit of a rebirth last week and Mixon was the feature back with his new offensive coordinator changing things up for the better in this situation. He looks to be at least a solid RB2 the rest of the way. See if you can catch Mixon’s owner asleep at the wheel and start making offers.

Also buy: Mark Ingram

Sell: Jordan Howard – Howard has a sprained shoulder and while he’s playing through it, he’s not seeing the passing down work that he saw a year ago after the emergence of Tarik Cohen. While he will still see touches, he’s not going to return the first round value you used on him at the draft. The Bears aren’t going to be in the position too often to run the ball with a lead, so sell high after the big performance against Pittsburgh last week while you still can.

Also sell: Demarco Murray

Buy: Dez Bryant – Dez has been running the gauntlet out of the gate in regards to his cornerback matchups, and it has hurt is production dearly. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though as the schedule get easier, and Bryant is too talented to be held down much longer. His owners are probably frustrated and wouldn’t mind moving him for a running back at this point. The Cowboys aren’t as good as they were a year ago and will be playing catchup in a lot of games, forcing Dak Prescott to make plays to his favorite receiver.

Also buy: Amari Cooper

Sell: Larry Fitzgerald – The old man turned back the clock on Monday night with an epic performance against the Cowboys brutal secondary. We aren’t going to see that from Fitz in the late weeks of the season, and he certainly isn’t capable of 30+ points every week. This is the perfect sell-high situation on an again player that wil most likely see a dip in production as the season wears on.

Also sell: T.Y. Hilton

Buy: Jack Doyle – The tight end position is a complete train wreck. If you don’t own Gronkowski or Kelce, you’re probably dealing with the headache of streaming the position every week. Doyle is coming off a let down week, but has seen a lot of targets weekly no matter who his quarterback is. I’ll take a 75% catch rate from someone getting 5+ targets a week at this point, and if Luck ever comes back you’re golden.

Also buy: Kyle Rudolph

Sell: Jimmy Graham – Graham seems to always be hurt, but he is coming off a solid week 3 performance. The inconsistency is frustrating though, and he just doesn’t seem to fit into what the Seahawks want to do. They want to run the ball with their committee backfield and Wilson has eyes mainly for Doug Baldwin. It isn’t worth starting Graham every week if he’s going to see three targets a game. Try and swap him for RB/WR depth and stream the position if you have no other options.

Also sell: Eric Ebron

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