5 Great Ways to Spend Your Weekend at Home in Worcester

by | May 1, 2020 | Entertainment, Events, Headlines

April has come and gone, bringing sunshine on the first weekend of May. You might not have seen flowers yet, but fun events are popping up all over! 

And don’t let this week’s rain get you down, ThisWeekinWorcester.com has a list of activities that will brighten up your weekend! 

Put together a good time with baking and cooking kits you can purchase nearby, connect with authors from the comfort of your home, and look at the stars after astronomy day! 


Share a laugh with your family with Paradise Island Kid’s “Nailed It!” baking kits! 

These kits are inspired by the popular Netflix show, Nailed It!, in which amateur bakers attempt to recreate impressive pastries. 

Paradise Island Kids Nailed It! kits are $15 for no contact pick-up or $20 for U.S. shipping. You can choose from a Memorial Day Nailed It! kit, sushi imposter Nailed It! kit, or Mother’s Day Nailed It! kit. 

Each kit provides you with frozen fresh-baked goods, fondant, frosting, edible decorations, and instructions! 


Pizza is delicious anyway you slice it! 

Antonio’s Pizza at 268 Chandler Street in Worcester is offering a “no-contact” delivery for their pizza making kits. This pizza kit includes all the essentials for making the tasty dish – dough, sauce, and cheese! 

The kit only costs $10, so make your kitchen a pizzeria this weekend!


Take out the telescopes! 

This Saturday is Astronomy Day for Springfield Museums. Every year, Springfield Museums reaches for the stars to connect museum goers with astronomy enthusiasts and professionals. 

This year, they are hosting a Virtual Astronomy Day in which anyone at home will have access to night sky maps, home activities, and educational videos. This event is taking place from 10 AM to 5 PM, which will give you time to stargaze afterward!


Hear the stories behind the stories!

Join Annie’s Book Stop in Worcester on Zoom as they host a Speculative Fiction Tell All – Online. 

During the event, speculative fiction authors Jeffrey Carver, Steven Popkes, and L.J. Cohen will discuss the inspiration for the books that they are writing or have completed. 

Zoom in this Saturday at 2 PM and make sure to RSVP on their Facebook page for access to the video conference! 


Make art you can eat! 

Wicked Good Cookies is selling cookie decorating kits

The kits include the cookies, frosting, cookie toppings and more. 

With a selection of cookie shapes for graduations, birthdays and any springtime celebrations, these cookies kits are perfect for all occasions this season, including Mother’s Day! For as low as $25, gift a kit to a special someone in your life or treat your family to an activity everyone will love to decorate and taste.


Photo Courtesy: Wicked Good Cookies

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