10 Great Ways to Spend Your Weekend at Home in Worcester

by | May 8, 2020 | Entertainment, Events, Headlines

Another week of staying in place means another weekend to find exciting events in your own home! 

ThisWeekinWorcester.com has some recommendations for a fun weekend: take a virtual vacation, stream a play, de-stress with your favorite celebrities, or hone in on a new or favorite hobby. 


Get out the computer and a lounge chair!

 Some hotels are streaming the beautiful views from their windows, including Malibu Inn in Malibu California. You can feel close to the ocean with their beach side views and relax to the sights. 


You don’t need a ticket to see the best of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous musicals!

Set up YouTube every Friday and tune into  The Shows Must Go On! YouTube channel

The site has played his popular musical The Phantom of the Opera and will air By Jeeves this Friday, May 8 at 7 pm. You can only view the plays up to 48 hours once they are posted, so fill your weekend with some beloved musicals. 


Take a tour to highlight your children’s favorite toy! 

Legoland Florida Resort is virtually opening its doors. Come and see their theme park, water park, and other attractions. 


You can have the coolest weekend as you stream the webcams at Glacier Mountain Park!

View Apgar mountain, Lake McDonald, and many glaciers throughout the park! 


Spice up your life with online cooking classes! 

Get free online cooking classes from celebrities you love! For great recipes for chicken pot pie or breaded chicken, follow Rachel Ray’s Instagram


Your weekend will make a huge impression on you if you tour this post-impressionist artwork!

Google Arts and Culture is allowing you to virtually step through the Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands. With over 200 paintings on display, you’lll have a lot to see! 


Have you completed all the puzzles in your home? 

Keep your hobby exciting at jigsawplanet.com! With over one million puzzles, you will love to put all the pieces together. 


Your children may be feeling overwhelmed, but luckily, there is a superhero coming to the rescue! 

Chris Hemsworth, famously known for his role as “Thor” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is hosting virtual meditation classes for kids on the Centr app. The first seven days are free! 


Bedtime will be special for your children! 

Josh Gad, the voice of “Olaf” from the Frozen movies, is posting a 10-minute story time every day. Your children will love his enthusiasm and the voices he uses for each character. 


Prepare to start a garden! 

With the Sowing Calendar – Gardening app you’ll know the best vegetables and fruits to plant this spring and summer in your region. 


Photo courtesy: Edited – Legoland Florida/Facebook

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