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Worcester Housing Authority Claims ‘Political Agenda’ Over Brown Water Issue

By Tom Marino | September 27, 2023
Last Updated: October 2, 2023

WORCESTER – A letter from the Chief Executive Officer of the Worcester Housing Authority (WHA), Alex Corrales, blames a “political agenda” led to media coverage of brown tap water experienced by residents at Lakeside Apartments.

The letter, dated Sept. 25, begins:

“Dear Lakeside Resident:

Recently, the Worcester Housing Authority was made aware of reports of brown water at some units at Lakeside Apartments. Unfortunately, these concerns were not brought directly to the WHA, rather by one resident, a candidate for elected office with a political agenda, to a media outlet, which resulted in, at best, inaccurate and, at worst, completely false information.”

Corrales is apparently referring to a report by GBH published on Sept. 21.

In that article, a current candidate for Worcester School Committee in District E, Nelly Medina, is one of two Lakeside residents quoted directly. The piece also refers to comments by other residents. Medina’s candidacy is not mentioned. Corrales is also quoted.

In the letter to residents, Corrales says that ongoing construction in the area may impact the color of water. He also encourages residents to call the 24/7 maintenance hotline to report the issue.

GBH reports that a dozen other residents told them that the brown water is a common sight and the complex’s maintenance team has been notified multiple times.

Corales’ letter says that while a report was not made to the 24/7 maintenance hotline:

“The WHA, out of an abundance of caution, contacted the City of Worcester, which agreed to flush nearby hydrants. The city also checked for leaks as an extra layer of precaution. The WHA flushed internal piping on the property. I am pleased to report no issues with brown water were identified. We are not aware of any reasons to be concerned with the safety of drinking water but encourage you to relay any concerns to the City of Worcester by calling their new 311 line.”



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