Just in time for Thanksgiving Day, ThisWeekinWorcester.com reached out to dozens of representatives in the Worcester community to ask them what they were thankful for in Worcester.

From being thankful for other community leaders and organizations, to the spirit of entrepreneurship and tight-knit Worcester neighborhoods, the responses to the question — What’re You Thankful for in Worcester? – varied greatly and encompassed a larger sense of the positive things happening in Worcester.

Please read below to find out what your city leaders are thankful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

What're You Thankful for in Worcester? - Elected Officials, Business and Community Leaders Respond 1

Senator Chandler

“This year I’m thankful for our communities. Our neighborhoods and our schools, our families and our friends — the individual communities that make up a greater Worcester bring us all together. Even when we’re going through difficult times, it’s the people around us who bring us back up. I’m thankful for those people.” – Senator Harriette Chandler (Worcester-D)

“I’m thankful for the increasing sense of civic pride in the Worcester community. More and more, residents believe in the city and are embracing a shared vision of the future. Worcester is on a steady march toward greater vibrancy and enhanced quality of life.” – Tim McGourthy, Executive Director – Worcester Regional Research Bureau

“I am thankful for City leaders that are accessible. I am thankful for neighborhoods that have long histories, yet brand new families. I am thankful for the young people that are showing leadership & care in so many vibrant ways. I am thankful for our art. I am thankful for our collective heart.” – Susan Mailman, Owner – Coghlin Electrical Contractors, Inc.

“On Thanksgiving and throughout the year, I am thankful for having a smart, capable and caring wife, Maria. She has always been willing to sacrifice time together while I campaign and subsequently serve on the council.  While she would never even consider running for office herself, Maria has always encouraged and supported me because she realizes how important service to my community is to me.  I’d surely be a turkey if I didn’t realize and appreciate how lucky and blessed a man I am.” – Gary Rosen, District 5 City Councilor

What're You Thankful for in Worcester? - Elected Officials, Business and Community Leaders Respond 2

Molly McCullough

“I am thankful for the health and happiness of my family .I am thankful to have family that extends beyond the traditional scope and truly embodies the “it takes a village” sentiment. I am thankful for friends and family that have provided me strength, comfort, support and laughter….in good times and in bad. I am thankful for our new home that many memories will be made in and that will provide us with shelter and comfort. I am thankful to be a part of and be able to serve a community that has given so much to me.” – Molly McCullough, Worcester School Committee

“I’m thankful for the parents who volunteer countless hours to run the city’s eleven youth baseball and softball leagues, ensuring that kids learn the values of teamwork while staying physically active. These volunteer coaches do everything for their leagues: cutting the grass, raking the dirt, finding the sponsors (fundraising), ordering the uniforms, training the kids, even driving some of the players to away games. Thank you to people like Jon Todd, Michelle Hashem, Tom Murray, Jeff Sonnenberg, Jamie DiMauro and so many others who donate their time to keep the game of baseball & softball alive in Worcester for future generations.” – Dave Pederson – General Manager of Worcester Bravehearts

What're You Thankful for in Worcester? - Elected Officials, Business and Community Leaders Respond 3

Giselle Rivera-Flores

“I am thankful for the community leaders that surround me and share the same passion for making Worcester a great city for all. And of course, I am deeply thankful for the Woopreneur community and their dedication to building a community that embraces innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Happy Thanksgiving to the Woo!” – Giselle Rivera-Flores – Writer [Worcester Sun, MassFoodies] and Entrepreneur [The Learning Hub and IgWorcesterMA]

“In my journey through Recovery from drug addiction for over 32 years , I have personally and professionally been part of miracles ,watching others go from the depths of despair to a life second to none, RECOVERY !!! I am truly grateful!” – Rob Pezzella, Worcester Public Schools Safety Director

“I can honestly say that I am thankful for all the traditional things people mention during the holiday season.  Family, Faith, Friends, and Good Health so I can enjoy all the other things I am grateful for. I am also thankful to live in what I consider one of the safest and most vibrant neighborhoods in Worcester, The Shrewsbury Street Neighborhood. I would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, and holy holiday season.” – Gary Vecchio, President of Shrewsbury Street Neighborhood Association
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