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Flyer Promoting White Nationalist Group Seen in Worcester

By Tom Marino | February 26, 2020
Last Updated: May 24, 2022

WORCESTER – A flyer has been seen at June St. and Chandler St. containing white nationalist language as recently as Tuesday, February 25.

February 26, 2020

With a logo at the head, the language reads:

Report any and all Communist, Gang and anti-white activity in the New England Area.
Join the White Boys Club
Action – Fraternity – Security

*Note: TWIW has obscured the email address provided on the flyer.

Novia Anglia is Latin and translates to New England in English. The number 131 refers to numbers in the alphabet: ACA. Anti-Communist Action.

The email address was at one time listed on a now disabled website for the “New England Nationalist Club” that was created on December 19, 2019. That group described itself as “Anti-Communist & Anti-Capitalist fraternal direct action network comprised of revolutionary nationalists in the New England area. It had 97 members on the website. spoke with Anthony Karen, a documentary photographer who has been documenting the white nationalist movement for 14 years. He has previously documented the New England Nationalist Club.

February 26, 2020
Photo by Anthony Karen

Karen informed us that the group using the insignia in his photo has disbanded for “legal purposes as well as personal, internal conflict.”

The reformulated group, Novia Anglia, still operates as a nationalist club and is “A fraternal group of White Nationalists and they welcome all, including members of other groups and organizations.” Karen told us that “they want to be known as the opposition to antifa. An official “anti-antifa’ if you will.”

February 26, 2020
Photo by Anthony Karen, inside the bedroom of a Novia Anglia member

The group has no manifesto or set ideology. They describe themselves as “We are white and we’re pissed off. That’s our ideology.”

See Anthony Karen’s website here.

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