Worcester Ranked Among Top 5 Worst Cities for Burger Fans

 by TWIW StaffSeptember 15, 2021

September 15 is National Double Cheeseburger Day. If you're hankering for two beef patties and melted cheese, you may want to explore outside of Worcester.

In its latest study, Lawn Love ranked 197 of the biggest cities in the U.S. to determine the Best Cities for Burger Fans. They based their rankings on cities with an abundance of highly rated establishments that serve burgers, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

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The study ranked Worcester #193 out of 197 cities. According to Lawn Love, Worcester fell to the bottom because they found "...that burger fans would have a hard time finding a good double cheeseburger around these parts. Additionally, they all ranked poorly in the Quality section — the few burger spots around haven’t impressed many diners."

Here are Lawn Love's findings:

September 15, 2021 lawn love

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