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Worcester Bravehearts Offer to Help ‘Punish’ Fantasy Football League Last Place Finisher

By TWIW Staff | August 26, 2022
Last Updated: October 14, 2022

WORCESTER – The Worcester Bravehearts are offering to collaborate with Fantasy Football leagues to come up with a fun way to “punish” the team that finishes in last place this season.

Punishing or embarrassing the fantasy football team owner who finishes in last place is part of a tradition for many leagues that helps keep the league active and keeps league players interested.

The Bravehearts are welcoming ideas from leagues to help punish the last place team – like having to dress up as a clown and stand at the front gate next Bravehearts season and greet fans.

The team is also proposing singing karaoke in front of a Bravehearts crowd, reading an apology letter to the fans, or a 24-hour Fitton Field challenge – where every hot dog or chicken tender basket the league loser eats will shave an hour off the clock.

For any fantasy football league interested in getting the Bravehearts involved this season, email Donny Porcaro at [email protected].



Lead image courtesy: Worcester Bravehearts/Twitter

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