WORCESTER – On Friday, Mayor Joseph M. Petty released Standing Committee assignments for both the City Council and School Committee.

Candy Mero Carlson, second term District 2 Councilor will replace former District 1 Councilor Tony Economou to chair the Economic Development Committee.  Mero Carlson will be joined by District 4 City Councilor Sarai Rivera who served on the committee the last two years and first term District 5 Councilor Matthew E. Wally.  Wally campaigned on his experience in Economic Development.

Wally was also assigned to chair the Traffic and Parking Committee and assigned to the Public Works Committee.

The other newcomer to the City Council, District 1 Councilor Sean Rose was assigned to chair the Municipal Operations Committee and was assigned to the Veterans and Military Affairs and Youth Parks and Recreation.  Youth Recreation and the status of the city’s parks were two main topics that Rose raised during his campaign.

Newly elected At-Large City Councilor Gary Rosen will continue to Chair the Youth, Parks and Recreation Committee.

For the School Committee  assignments, newcomer Dante Comparetto was assigned to the Accountability and Student Achievement and Finance and Operations.

The first full City Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 9, the first full School Committee meeting will be January 18

The full Standing Committee assignments:

City Council

Economic Development – (Chair)Candy Mero Carlson (District 2), Sarai Rivera (District 4), Matthew Wally (District 5)      

Public Service and Transportation – (Chair)Konstantina B. Lukes (At-Large), George Russell (District 3), Gary Rosen (At-Large)   

Education – (Chair) Morris A. Bergman (At-Large), Khrystian E. King (At-Large), Gary Rosen (At-Large)   

Public Works – (Chair) Russell, Wally, Mero Carlson

Municipal Operations – (Chair) Sean Rose (District 1), Kathleen, M. Toomey (At-Large), Russell   

Rules and Legislative Affairs – (Chair) King, Bergman, Toomey

Public Health and Human Services – (Chair) Rivera, Rose, Toomey

Traffic and Parking – (Chair) Wally, Mero Carlson, Lukes

Public Safety – (Chair)Toomey, Bergman, Rivera

Veterans and Military Affairs – (Chair) Bergman, Lukes, Rose

Youth Parks and Recreation – (Chair) Rosen, King, Rose

School Committee

  Accountability and Student Achievement – (Chair)Dianna Biancheria, Dante Comparetto (Vice Chair) Bian O’Connell

Finance and Operations – Jack Foley (Chair), Molly McCullough (Vice Chair), Comparetto

Governance and Employee Issues – John Monfredo (Chair), Biancheria (Vice Chair), Foley

Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports – O’Connell (Chair), Monfredo (Vice Chair), McCullough

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