Worcester Seeks Refurbishing Service for Nearly 40 City Hall Portraits

 by TWIW StaffJanuary 10, 2022

WORCESTER - The City of Worcester is seeking refurbishing services for about 40 portraits located inside City Hall.

The estimated cost to the City for the services is estimated to be $60,000.

The portraits date as far back as the mid-1800s and includes the city's first mayor, Levi Lincoln. and its first city manager, Everett F. Merrill.

The condition of each portrait and the treatments required for refurbishment varies. For more information the open bid and details specific to each portrait, click here.

Here is the list of portraits requiring refurbishment:

• Peter C. Bacon
• Phinehas Ball
• William Bennett
• Alexander H. Bullock
• Joseph Casdin
• Isaac Davis 4th floor
• Isaac Davis 3rd floor
• Edward Davis
• Rufus B. Dodge Jr.
• Edward Earle
• Samuel E. Hildreth
• Andrew B. Holmstrom
• Israel Katz
• Frank H. Kelley
• John S.C. Knowlton
• J.S.G. Knowlton
• Jordan Levy
• Levi Lincoln
• D. Waldo Lincoln
• James Logan
• Hon. John C. Mahoney
• Henry A. Marsh
• Everett F. Merrill
• William J. Mulford
• James O’Brien
• Philip J. O’Connell
• Charles H. Peck
• Charles B Pratt
• Charles Reed
• William W. Rice
• George W. Richardson
• George W. Sherman
• Elijah B. Stoddard
• Peter F Sullivan
• Hon. Charles F. Sullivan
• John Sullivan
• George A. Wells
• Samuel Windslow

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