WORCESTER – On May 22, 2016, during a motor vehicle stop, Jorge Zambrano shot Auburn Police Officer Ronald Tarentino multiple times, ultimately killing him.

Worcester County DA’s Office Releases Findings in Jorge Zambrano Shooting 1

Zambrano, 35, of Worcester, was shot and killed later that day by Massachusetts State Police officers as they were attempting to arrest Zambrano. Zambrano shot and wounded trooper A.J. Kardoos in the exchange.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27, the Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early, Jr.’s office, along with the Auburn and Oxford police departments announced the conclusion of the investigation into the Zambrano shooting.

The DA’s office concludes that the officers involved in the shooting of Zambrano acted lawfully and reasonably under the circumstances and the use of deadly force was appropriate.


According to the DA’s findings conclusion, the shooting of Zambrano was “objectively reasonable in light of all the facts and circumstances…”

Important Findings of the Report:

  • The autopsy of Officer Tarentino showed that one bullet fired by Zambrano entered the left side of his lower back and pierced his left kidney, pancreas, spleen, stomach, left lung and left heart ventricle, and exited the left side of his chest. That bullet penetrated Officer Tarentino’s body from back to front, upward and slightly left to right.
  • Zambrano’s toxicology report tested positive for cocaine and marijuana.
  • The gun Zambrano used to kill Officer Tarentino was reported stolen during a breaking and entering  in 2014 in Athol

The Facts in this Case are:

Zambrano shot Officer Tarentino multiple times resulting in his death during a motor vehicle stop. He then fled his apartment to Oxford and concealed the vehicle used in the murder of Officer Tarentino.

Zambrano was known to carry a firearm and a significant amount of ammunition. Law Enforcement was clearly informed he was armed, violent and unstable. The State Police applied for and obtained an Arrest Warrant for Jorge Zambrano for violating his conditions of probation.

Zambrano refused to surrender himself peacefully after multiple requests by the State Police, the use of verbal commands to surrender, the use of a robot, the use of chemical munitions and a K-9 dog.  

State Police troopers entered a bedroom on the second floor  of Zambrano’s Oxford residence where the troopers encountered a closed closet.  Upon opening the closet door, a dog jumped out of the closet.  At the same time, a black handgun, camouflaged among hanging clothes, began firing at the troopers.  

Zambrano was observed to be crouched down on the floor of the closet firing at the troopers.  Zambrano fired at least 4 or 5 rounds at the troopers, shooting one of the troopers in the arm.  The two other troopers returned fire, killing Zambrano.  

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