Worcester Eats: Top Food Options For Winter Storm Prepping

 by TWIW StaffJanuary 18, 2019

Worcester- Forecasters are calling for a big winter storm to hit the northeast region this weekend. According to Accuweather, Worcester can see up to 3-6 or in some spots a foot of snow this weekend. That could mean people will be heading to the grocery store's and getting their last minute brunch dates in quickly.


If you are looking to get your grocery shopping or weekday brunches in before the snow hits then these places might be the best option for you. According to Tripadvisor these five restaurants in Worcester are the perfect option for your non expensive and high quality meal.

1. Lou Roc's Diner


This diner located on 1074 West Boylston Street in Worcester is rated number one out of eighty-five restaurants for cheapest meal, Their menu features fresh extra large eggs that won't put a goose egg in your pocket. One customer this month said that their "pancakes were thick, laced with scallions, and were excellent. The quesadilla contained lots of spinach and cheese, and came with excellent french fries. The servings were abundant!" A lot of bang for your buck at this delicious destination. Price Range Lowest to Highest: $2.50-$11.00

2. Miss Worcester Diner


Coming in at number two is the Miss Worcester Diner located at 300 Southbridge Street. It has a perfect five out of five rating for its food value and one customer can agree saying that "They have a great variety of french toast." That customer review is just one of many reviews about this diners french toast, it seems that it is the selling point for this establishment. Parlez-vous du pain grillé français? Do you speak french toast? This restaurant sure does.

Price Range Lowest to Highest: $1.75-$10.95

*Photo Credit: Improbcat, Miss worcesterCC BY-SA 3.0


3. George's Coney Island (website)



A little taste of New York right here in Worcester. Number three on the list is George's Coney Island. Just a few doors down from Miss Worcester at 158 Southbridge Street, George's offers the best deals and quality on hot dogs in Worcester. They are open a little later than most diners, they stay open until 8PM. A customer review from December said that "If you are in worcester and don't go to George's then you are committing a sin." So unless anyone is planning on attending church a little more, then you better listen to that guy. 

Price Range Lowest to Highest: N/A

4. Lucky's Cafe (website)


Much like Lou Roc's, Lucky's cafe, located at 112 Grove Street in Worcester, offers many breakfast options like decadent omelettes, scrambled eggs and home fries and they are all fresh. According to a patron this eatery is a "Gem." Its cozy basement dining area is perfect especially on a cold and snowy winter day.

Price Range Lowest to Highest: $2.95-$14.50.

5. Fatima's Cafe (website)


Last but not least on the top five is Fatima's Cafe located at 43 West Boylston Street in Worcester. This Ethiopian style cuisine has a perfect rating for food , service, and value. A big highlight of their menu is their tea. This is a great place to warm up with some Chai or stuffed Samosa's especially during the winter.

Price Range Lowest to Highest: $3.00-$13.25 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping for folks around the area may be more important since there is a winter storm on the horizon. Here are the best grocery stores in and around Worcester according to Yelp.

1. Derrico's Market


If you are looking to stock up on meat for this weekend then Derrico's, located at 141 East Central Street in Worcester is the place for you. They offer high quality and cheap meat for customers. This butcher shop comes in with a four out of five rating. According to customer reviews, the service and quality stand out. One customer wrote "Upon walking in the door, my friend and I were greeted with a lovely display of meat and an attentive staff ready to assist us."

Meat is not all they do, they also offer other things like convenience store type items, snacks, fresh bread and vegetables.

2. Trader Joe's (website)


Located on 77 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury, Trader Joe's offers many healthy options for a great price. Even if they don't have something that you want they still find a way to hook you up with the best possible item. A customer said that one employee by the name of Zack went out of his way to assist her. "Zack went out of his way to look into the item we were inquiring about and when he told us it wasn't available he gave us alternatives and recommendations on others. The staff was very personable and friendly, I didn't see anyone not smiling."

A standout item that Trader Joe's has is cheese, they have an extensive selection of cheeses and it includes a lot of free samples as well. Even if you don't need to stock up for this weekend then you might have to come in and gorge yourself on free cheese unless of course you are lactose intolerant.

3. Aldi (website)

Located on 500 Lincoln Street in Worcester is Aldi. Aldi has many food items for low prices. They also sell household items as well. If you're looking for a quick and easy journey through a grocery store then Aldi is the place. They way the store is set up makes it easy for a customer to go through and get what they need. The aisles are set up more Chronologically then a typical grocery store so you wouldn't have to run back and forth with your shopping cart like you would in a bigger store.

Aldi also allows you to use their left over empty boxes to carry your groceries instead of paying for a bag. This store may be the most convenient on this list.


4. Wegmans (website)


 This New York based supermarket located in Northborough on 9102 Shops Way has an abundance of variety. You can get anything from frozen fish to a pizza pie here. Compared to Aldi it is plenty larger but still keeps its convenient atmosphere. It has many departments like bakery, seafood, bulk items, Pizza , and of course beer. One customer wrote "Honestly my all time favorite grocery store, I literally drive out of my way just to go here."

5. Stop and Shop (website)


The Stop and Shop at 940 West Boylston Street in Worcester is another multi variety store. If this following review doesn't get you excited to go to Stop and Shop then I don't know what will. "Normally I wouldn't review a grocery store because...let's face it...grocery stores are exactly that, You get your groceries there and what is there to review?? Price? nah...decor? omg no....bargains? ummm no, Well, this store has a great gimmick, They have scanners for your shopping cart, so you go around picking up your stuff and YOU scan it and place it in your bags, it's so freakin fun!" You may be thinking the same thing as this guy, Why would someone review a grocery store, they are all the same? Well Stop and Shop features many things that will make your experience better and easier than most stores. Don't wait until it's too late and the snow is piled up on your driveway this weekend, get out while you can to these best of best in and around Worcester.  

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