WORCESTER – For the second time in just a few weeks, Worcester Police were called to Harding St. in the area of Compass Tavern to break up a large fight.

Worcester Man Arrested for Attempting to Take Worcester Police Officer's Gun Outside Bar on Harding St. 1

Early Monday morning, a WPD officer observed a fight of about twenty to thirty people in the Compass Tavern parking lot and requested assistance. The officer was able to disperse most of the crowd upon arrival, but 21-year-old Gabriel Padin of 45 Tirrell St continued trying to antagonize other males in the large group, according to WPD.

The WPD officer told Padin to leave and asked his friends to remove him from the crowd. However, Padin continued to walk toward another group, screaming and trying to fight members of that group, while blocking the exit of cars from the Compass Tavern parking lot.

When the officer witnessed Padin try to punch of the males in the other group, the officer told him to stop. Padin elbowed the officer multiple times in the chest and the chin and then turned on a Compass Tavern security guard and punched the guard multiple times.

The officer managed to take Padin to the ground and, during the fight, Padin attempted to take the officer’s gun. The officer was able to manuever away from Padin and deliver two punches to Padin’s abdomen to break Padin’s grip on the gun.

According to the Worcester PD, other officers arrived and were able to handcuff Mr. Padin, who is charged with Attempt to Disarm a Police Officer, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Assault and Battery, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, and Disturbing the Peace. He will be arraigned on Tuesday in Worcester District Court.

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