Worcester Man Arrested for Pulling Knife on DPW Employee

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WORCESTER – On Monday morning, Worcester Police officers responded to the Worcester Department of Public Works [DPW] for a report of an assault to a parking enforcement officer.

According to the DPW employee, he asked twenty-seven-year old Clevon Turner, who was sitting in a blue BMW to move his vehicle from a “no parking” tow zone.

Worcester Man Arrested for Pulling Knife on DPW Employee 1

Turner told the parking enforcement officer that he was waiting for someone and refused to move.

The DPW enforcement officer began taking down the vehicle information to issue a parking ticket, when “Turner became irate and said that things were about to get violent,” according to WPD.

Turner exited the vehicle, took out a black switchblade knife and began walking toward the parking enforcement officer, saying ‘You gonna tow my car now?’ Turner had the knife pointed toward the parking enforcement officer in an aggressive way, and was threatening and taunting him.

Turner then drove away.

Soon after, a BOLO [Be on the Lookout] was issued by the WPD with the description of Turner and of the blue BMW.

A WPD officer located the BMW in the area of Hanover Insurance on Lincoln St. Turner was inside the vehicle with a black knife clipped to his belt.

The parking enforcement officer responded to the location and identified Turner, who was placed under the arrest..

Turner is being charged with Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Intimidation of a Witness, and will be arraigned in Worcester District Court.

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