Worcester Declared Parking Ban at Midnight, Safety Tips

 by Tom MarinoJanuary 16, 2022

WORCESTER - The Worcester Commissioner of Public Works and parks announced a Declared Winter Parking Ban in the city beginning overnight Sunday night at 12 AM on Monday, January 17.

During a Declared Winter Parking Ban no parking is permitted on either side of main arteries and streets in the downtown area. On all other parking only on the side with odd numbered addresses is permitted.

City owned parking garages are open without charges from the time the ban is announced. Regular parking rates apply starting at the end of the ban.

Enforcement of the ban, including ticketing and towing, is expected.

For more information, visit the City of Worcester website.

Tips from National Grid

National Grid reports is has enabled emergency plans and secured additional resources from neighboring areas preparing for response to the storm and its aftermath.

To ensure the wellbeing of residents and utility crews working during the storm, National Grid offers the following safety tips:

  • Never touch downed power lines, and always assume that any fallen lines are live electric wires. If you see one, report it immediately to National Grid or your local emergency response organization.
  • Power problems can sometimes interrupt public water supply systems or disable well pumps, so it’s an especially good idea to keep a supply of bottled drinking water handy, as well as some canned food.
  • Check on elderly family members, neighbors and others who may need assistance during an outage period.
  • Before the storm hits, ensure you are prepared. Keep flashlights and extra batteries on hand and make sure mobile devices are fully charged so you can stay connected in the event of an outage. For more information see the National Grid Power Outage page.
  • If you lose power, turn off any appliances that were on when the power went off, but leave one light on so you will know when power is restored.
  • If you use a generator to supply power during an outage, be sure to operate it outdoors. Before operating generators, disconnect from National Grid’s system by shutting off the main breaker located in the electric service panel. Failure to do this could jeopardize the safety of line crews and the public.

Gas Safety

National Grid also warns gas customers to take the following action for an expected gas leaks:

  • Get Out - All occupants should leave the house immediately. Do not use the telephone or light switches for any reason.
  • Call Us – After leaving the house and reaching a safe environment, call the National Grid 24-hour gas emergency numbers:
    • MA: 1-800-233-5325 or 911
  • Stay Out - Do not return to your home until National Grid tells you it is safe.

How to Stay Connected to National Grid:

  • Report power outages at nationalgridus.com or call 1-800-465-1212.
  • Receive text message alerts and updates when you text the word STORM to NGRID (64743).
  • Use your mobile device to track outage information and storm-related safety tips through National Grid’s mobile site accessible at ngrid.com/mobile.
  • Track outages and ETRs at nationalgridus.com/outage-central.
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