Changes to Worcester's Parking Pay Station App Start Monday

 by Patrick SargentAugust 14, 2022

WORCESTER - Effective Monday, people parking in Worcester will no longer be able to use the ParkBoston app on their smartphones to pay for parking.

ParkBoston has changed vendors and that means people will no longer be able to use it as a means of paying for parking in Worcester. Parkers will need to download the Passport app for all mobile-based parking transactions.

According to the City of Worcester, roughly 30% of all pay-by-phone transactions use the ParkBoston app to pay for parking in Worcester. Parkers will receive an in-app notification of the change and instructions to download Passport's parking app.

All promotional materials and signage deployed in Worcester directs users to utilize the Passport app.

To download the Passport app, click here.

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