Worcester PD Officers Arrest Street Level Drug Dealer Twice in 24 Hours

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WORCESTER – In less than 24 hours, 21-year-old Victor Tiburcio of Worcester was arrested twice by Worcester Police Department Vice Squad officers on charges of possession of firearms and possession and distribution of heroin and cocaine.

Worcester PD Officers Arrest Street Level Drug Dealer Twice in 24 Hours 1

Tiburcio, of 14 Oread St., was arrested on Monday at 30 Russell St, after undercover Vice Squad officers witnessed Tiburcio make a street level drug deal on the corner of Merrick and Pleasant Streets.

The Vice Squad officers followed Tiburcio to the Russell St. address and a search of Tiburcio produced 13 bags of crack cocaine and 4 bags of heroin along with $160.00 in cash.

Tiburcio was placed under arrest and charged with distribution of cocaine, possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute and possession of heroin with the intent to distribute.

Following booking procedures at police headquarters, Tiburcio

After Tiburcio was transported to police headquarters for booking procedures, officers were able to induce from Tiburcio that he was part of a larger scale heroin and cocaine distribution network in Worcester out of 30 Russell St, Apartment 1-L.

Tiburcio was booked, processed and released on bail, while officers applied for and were granted a search warrant for the 30 Russell St. address.

On Monday evening, the search warrant was executed at the Russell St. apartment and the search produced  a loaded .357 revolver, a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic hand gun, and a safe. Inside the safe contained a large amount of knotted bags that contained 55 grams in heroin.

Vice officers also recovered $2,809 in cash, packaging materials and ammunition.

Based on their findings,  the vice officers now had probable cause to charge Tiburcio with additional drug and gun offenses, but since Tiburcio was already bailed, the officers had to locate him and arrest him again.

At approximately 9 AM on Tuesday, Sept. 12, while Tiburcio was present at the Worcester County District Courthouse to appear for his arraignment for his initial arrest and drug charges, the vice squad officers placed Tiburcio under arrest again and charged him with charged with trafficking in heroin (36-99 grams), two counts of use of a firearm during the commission of a felony, three counts of possession of a firearm of a firearm and ammunition without an FID Card, two counts of improper storage of a firearm (found under a pillow on a bed), and one count of possession of a large capacity firearm.

Tiburcio was transported back to police headquarters for booking procedures. He will be arraigned later on Tuesday for the additional charges.

All cash, firearms and drugs were confiscated as evidence.

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