WORCESTER – On Monday evening, four teenagers were arrested by the Worcester Police for dangerously swerving into traffic on their bicycles on Grafton St.

According to the WPD, the four teens — ages 14 to 16 — were among a larger group of 25 to 30 young males riding bikes recklessly in the middle of the street around 6 PM on Monday.

A WPD gang unit officer, who noticed the significant traffic the teens were causing, activated his emergency lights and siren in an attempt to disperse the group and refrain from the dangerous behavior.

The group then broke into smaller groups and continued their behavior in traffic, creating a complete standstill. The gang unit officer called for assistance and when other officers arrived, many of the youth fleed the area.

When an officer attempted to place a 14 year old male under arrest, the teen’s 15-year-old brother charged after the arresting officer and attempted to push the officer away. The teen yelled at the officer to take his hands off of his brother while attempting to prevent the arrest. The 15-year-old brother was subsequently placed arrest.

The officers also arrested a 16-year-old and another 15-year-old. All were charged with Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct. The older brother was additionally charged with Resisting Arrest Assault and Battery on a Police Officer and Witness Intimidation. All four males were extremely belligerent and uncooperative.

The WPD confiscated the four bicycles and transported them back to police headquarters.

All four teens will be arraigned at the Worcester County District Juvenile Courthouse on a date yet to be determined.

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