WORCESTER – Just one day after data experts Wallethub ranked the city of Worcester as having one of the slowest economic growth this year among 515 cities in the United States, the same publication is now reporting that Worcester is ranked among the worst cities for people with disabilities.

Worcester Ranked Among Worst Cities for People with Disabilities 1

According to Wallethub’s report, Worcester ranks #130 of the most-populated 150 cities in America for people living with disabiliites.

Wallethub’s data sets range from physicians per capita to rate of workers with disabilities to parki accessibility.

Worcester ranks low on the list due to high costs of doctor visits in the Worcester area, and the fewest family doctors and general practitioners per capita.

This year’s ranking is actually a marked improvement from last year as Worcester ranked #150 of 150 in last year’s report.

The city ranked as the worst place for people with disabilities this year was San Bernardino, California. The best place for people with disabilities to live is Overland Park, Kansas, according to Wallethub.

Source: WalletHub


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