WORCESTER – The entirety of the city of Worcester is ready to move on from the relationship between the nearly 40 square mile municipality and Mother Nature.

In recent days, especially over the past few weeks, Mother Nature has been abusing Worcester in fine fashion by whalloping the city with several feet of snow and continuing to punish its residents with rain, ice and major traffic delays.

“I think we need to really reevaluate where we are with Mother Nature and maybe take some time off away from each other,” City Manager Edward M. Augustus, Jr. told the Worcester Lampoon on Monday.

Repeated calls to Mother Nature by shouting up into the sky weren’t immediately returned, although recent reports expect her to be back in town in Worcester on Wednesday to continue her abuse.

“We thought everything was great for the most part over the past few months, but recently we’re seeing an ugly side of her that is honestly a major turn-off for us,” Augustus said.

He added, “We can handle the cold attitude and the bitterness, but the recent mistreatment has gone too far. The worst part about it is she winds up warming up to us and then we foolishly go back to her.”

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