At, we are lucky to have the continued support of so many teachers in Worcester — both in the public and private school systems.

As part of our effort to help continue the discussion of what our school system needs, here we will take a look at what the teachers in Worcester need for their classrooms. – an online crowdfunding organization that connects teachers in high-need communities with independent donors that want to help – is a popular tool to raise money for much needed classroom equipment and programs, as requested by individual classroom teachers.

We will have a growing list of projects from Worcester teachers here. We encourage our readers to donate if and when they can. When a project is fully funded, we will make a special announcement.

Since there are nearly 200 active projects from Worcester teachers on, we will publish 20 at a time and update the list each week. Some of the projects below are partially funded and some are currently doubling donations. Please take a look at each project!

Week 1 Series – THIRTEEN projects fully funded!

Week 2 Series – THREE projects fully funded!

This page will be updated constantly, will be shared at least once a week via social media and can be found in the Public Schools section of

New Active Projects – Week 3

New Age Listening Center: Mrs. Montecalvo, Belmont Street Community School – Goal: $619

Can I Use Your Voice Until I Get My Own?: Mrs. Ryan-Smith, Columbus Park Preparatory School – Goal: $441

Hello Future: Mrs. Kiritsy, Quinsigamond Elementary School – Goal: $442

No Technology: Ms. G, Clark Street Development Learning School – Goal: $980

Through the Eyes of Kindergartners!: Ms. Marzilli, Clark Street Development Learning School – Goal: $980

Keeping Our Technology Safe!: Mrs. Adams, Quinsigamond Elementary School – Goal: $474

Learn Through Play: Mrs. Kaye, Abby Kelley Foster Elementary School – Goal: $993

Creating Tomorrow’s Mathematicians and Engineers!: Ms. Stone, Rice Square School – Goal: $506

Grade 5 Math: Ms. Casello, Elm Park Community School – Goal: $627

Teaching Easel: Ms. Lucas, Quinsigamond Elementary School – Goal: $512

Flipping Out with Anchor Charts!: Mrs. Calcagni, Roosevelt Elementary School – Goal: $380

Step Up to Literacy: Mrs. Cerullo, Wawecus Road School – Goal: $1,280

Pens, Papers and Shelves to Store!: Mrs. Tsoutsis, Columbus Park Preparatory Academy – Goal: $538

Wouldn’t It Be Cool if Kids Could Connect?: Mrs. D, Burncoat Middle School – Goal: $1,379

Teaching Kids Sports: Mr. Cruz, Elm Park Community School – Goal: $562

Cheerful, Colorful, Creative Work Designed by Children!: Ms. Mayo, Belmont Street Community School – Goal: $985

Tech World: Ms. O, Quinsigamond Community School – Goal: $586

Reading Support and Research!: Mrs. McGovern, Wawecus Road School – Goal: $2,006

Chromebooks Cause Creativity!: Mr. Channell, Vernon Hill School – Goal: $1,170

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