Worcester’s BreakOut Games Unveils New “Escape Peterman” Event

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WORCESTER – With Halloween approaching, local hot spot BreakOut Games Worcester has added a new feature to their popular physical adventure game.

Worcester’s BreakOut Games Unveils New "Escape Peterman" Event 1

Dave “Peterman” Peterson

The experience is centered around Dave Peterson, otherwise known to Worcester residents as the beloved “Peterman” from his days as hype man for the Worcester Tornadoes and currently as the General Manager for the Worcester Bravehearts.

“He’s got that je ne sais quoi,” describes Sara Coughlin, President and CEO of BreakOut Games Worcester. “Like, is he friendly? Is he scary? Is he self-aware? We feel like it’s the perfect vibe for a BreakOut Game.”

Like most games of this genre, Escape Peterman is a physical adventure game, taking place in the recently vacant Price Chopper, which has been transformed into a series of rooms – the first of which is an exact replica of Fitton Field.

“The first puzzle’s called the ‘Rally Dance’,” Coughlin explains. “You watch Peterman’s rally dance, and you have to mimic it perfectly, while a dozen or so men with Peterman masks on fire at you, close-range, from a t-shirt cannon.”

If you can manage to work your through the first area, you are ushered into an area filled with funhouse mirrors, lining each wall and creating a maze of Peterman reflections in the room itself.

As you attempt to locate the real Peterman, you must navigate through trick doors and answer questions about Worcester, all the while bombarded with the maniacal laughter of a hundred Petermans echoing across the abandoned grocery store,

“This game is all about fright,” added Coughlin excitedly. “We wanted to create an experience that is both challenging and terrifying. We feel like ‘Escape Peterman’ provides the horror and intrigue that our customers so desperately crave.”

Many residents are excited about the authenticity of the experience.

“My brother went there for his birthday last week,” said Emily Rockwell of West Boylston. “He was super excited to try out the ‘Dodge the Insulin Needle’ activity.”

Peterman, a known advocate for Diabetes Awareness and Prevention, is believed to have improvised this particular aspect of the experience.

“We don’t know anything about that,” said Coughlin disconcertingly. “We’ll have to look into it.”

The room’s most difficult puzzle, according to game designer Eddie Blackmon, is the ‘Name Game’.

“The last puzzle before you can leave the room is pretty straight forward,” said Blackmon. “Basically, participants are given whatever time is left to figure out: why does a guy named Dave Peterson give himself a pseudonym that is so similar to his real name?”

No team has completed this final task.

“Whoever completes the entire puzzle room will receive season tickets to the Worcester Bravehearts,” Coughlin told the Lampoon. “Our hope is that our fans’ love for baseball will outweigh their inevitably crippling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

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