Worcester’s Dezi Garcia Releases New Album 'To The Moon' on iTunes & Spotify

 by Patrick SargentApril 8, 2019

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WORCESTER - Local musician Dezi Garcia has recently released a new five-track album -- To the Moon -- and it’s now available on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

According to Garcia -- who grew up on Worcester’s Grafton Hill and is a St. Peter-Marian high school alum -- each song on the album flows through the same story about a guy and a girl meeting at a bar.

“It’s provocative music -- that’s really the main theme of the album. This guy and this girl are sitting at different sides of the bar and each track defines that relationship,” Garcia said in an interview with ThisWeekinWorcester.com [TWIW] last week.

“This girl standing by the jukebox -- kind of being provocative -- and this guy trying to talk to her. That’s really the whole idea behind the album, essentially. It’s about going through all these emotions when you meet someone,” he added.

Garcia told TWIW that he had to sit down and actually write out a story for this album in order to help him create the music that he was aiming for.

“Writing a story about it helped me. I would describe the album as ‘beautifully simple.’ When you listen to the music, you can hear each vibe for each song. It’s a rock album, but it’s not re-inventing the wheel. If you listen to the lyrics, and listen to the music, you can see they really go together in the story,” Garcia said.

Adding, “When you listen to the songs, you can really feel the love in the room between these two people.”

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April 8, 2019 Anthony Rovezzi

The intro track on To the Moon - “Moondancer” - sets the scene for the guy and the girl at the bar. Garcia describes the song as having a “sexy, funky vibe to it.” The second song on the album - “Visions” - is a re-recorded original song from Garcia that fit perfectly into the story he was trying to tell.

“‘Visions’ has a beachy, fun vibe to it. When I went back to it, I thought ‘Wow, this could work perfectly in this story,’” Garcia said.

According to Garcia, the third song on the album - “Sell Yourself” - is about social media and the pressure young, single people have on being provoked into something they don’t want to do or to be someone they don’t want to be.

Garcia said “Let Me Be” - the penultimate song on the album -- belongs in Gillette Stadium or at the TD Garden for player introductions on the New England Patriots or Boston Bruins.

“It’s a stadium rock n roll type song,” Garcia said. “It’s meant to get you pumped up and to motivate you to do something that might be out of your element.”

The final song - “Love Song” - isn’t exactly what it seems.

“The voice in the song is really saying ‘I have your love now, but I don’t really need it,’” Garcia said. “The repetitive chorus of the song ‘I just want some of your love’ is the idea that the person doesn’t want to get hurt in the long run, but will take what they can get for now.”

To The Moon took Garcia and in-studio musicians -- bassist Joe Presti and drummer Matteo Chionchio -- nearly six months to record and release.

Garcia wrote each song and has dedicated the album to his friend Matt Kachadorian who passed away in June 2018 in a motorcycle accident on Franklin St. in Worcester.

“The album is dedicated to Matt. It was easily the hardest thing in my entire life that I’ve ever been through. Everything I do musically moving forward is for him. I know he’s looking down on me. He motivates me to be the best musician and person I can be,” Garcia said.

Even on the heels of dropping To The Moon, Garcia is staying extremely busy with music. This past November, he released the song “Taylored” that he recorded in Nashville. “Taylored” was the first song on his four-track EP Godspeed which was released in 2018.

Godspeed was a culmination of songs I had already done. [“To The Moon”] was more of a direct project where the songs were created over a three or four month period. There’s a concept to this album where there hadn’t been one for Godspeed,” Garcia said.

On Sunday evenings at the recently-opened Rock Bar on Water St., Garcia plays music alongside 15-year-old Adrianna Morris -- who Garcia describes as an “exceptional upcoming talent.”

“She’s going to be amazing,” Garcia said.

Garcia also re-released the single “Back to You” this month and is heading back to the studio in May to record a whole new album of primarily solo work.

To The Moon was recorded at Q-Division Studios in Somerville with producer and mixing engineer Matthew Alexander and mastering engineer Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering.

The album cover for To The Moon [above] was designed by Garcia’s manager, Anthony Rovezzi -- who is also working as Garcia’s photographer and videographer. Rovezzi’s brother, Vinny “SUMMiT” Rovezzi helped Garcia work on writing the songs for To The Moon. Like Garcia, the Rovezzi brothers grew up on Grafton Hill in Worcester.

Nick Duffy, also of Grafton Hill, and author of Linda and the Real World, helped Garcia bounce ideas off for how the love story would play out on To The Moon. In fact, a character from Linda and the Real World -- “Dezi Moonstrings” -- was named after Garcia and inspired Garcia’s To The Moon album title.

“The team and the people I have around me have been a huge help, including my parents and my family. It inspires me when I get to bounce ideas off such talented people,” Garcia said.

Ultimately, Garcia hopes this album inspires people as much as it inspired him to create it.

Garcia said, “I hope it takes people to the moon and back again. Whether they’re feeling up or feeling down, they can listen to the music and set themselves right.”


Lead photo: Alex Flaminio

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