WORCESTER – The Worcester Police Department executed a search warrant on Monday, March 12 that resulted in the arrest of the warrant target, 35-year-old Ruben Melendez of 1038 Main Street, Apt 1-R and six other suspects.

Members of the WPD Vice Squad set up surveillance at the Main St. address around 10:30 AM and observed two males — Brian Rodriguez, 25-years-old and Emmanuel Torres, 31-years-old, both of the same Main Street apartment — exit the apartment building and enter Melendez’s Honda.

The pair drove Melendez’s Honda north on Main Street and entered a nearby McDonald’s parking lot. When officers approached the Honda, they observed Torres attempt to tuck something into the center console of the vehicle. Both men were removed from the vehicle. A search of the center console produced a cigar wrapper that contained 4 separate plastic bags that contained crack cocaine and an additional 17 small plastic baggies that contained heroin. Both men were placed under arrest. A search of Torres produced another cigar wrapper which contained 8 small plastic baggies of crack cocaine.

While Torres and Rodriguez were placed under arrest, other members of the Vice Squad, with the assistance of members of the Massachusetts State Police Drug Unit, executed the search warrant on Melendez’s apartment.  The officers entered the apartment and found Melendez who was attempting to hide in his bed and refused to show his hands.

Melendez resisted arrested and an officer had to tazer him to make him comply.

A sweep of the apartment located three more individuals — Javier Mercado, 44-years-old of the Main Street apartment, Brittany Drake, 27-years-old of 85 Moreland Green Drive and Frankie Galarza, 50-years-old of 1041 Main Street.

Torres and Rodriguez were transported back to the apartment and all persons within were explained the search warrant process and read their Maranda rights.

A search of the apartment produced $1,198 in cash, packaging materials, 14 separate plastic bags that contained heroin, 6 separate bags that contained crack cocaine, and 9 suboxone strips.

During the execution of the warrant, officers found out that another vacant apartment within the building was being accessed by Galarza. The landlord gave the officers permission to search the vacant apartment. That search produced an additional two more plastic bags that contained class A substance (heroin).

While searching the apartment two individuals knocked on the front door. One of the officers answered the door and met with an elderly woman — Blanca Diez, 81-years-old of Bluff Street and a 42-year-old male. The officer observed a large pill bottle protruding from Ms. Diez’s bra area. The officer asked Diez if she could remove the pill bottle and Diez complied. The officer looked in the bottle and observed approximately 72 oxycodone pills inside. Diez was placed under arrest and charged with Trafficking in Class B Substance (18-36 grams).

Galarza, Melendez, Torres, Mercado, and Rodriguez were all charged with Possession of a Class B Substance (crack cocaine) with the Intent to Distribute, and Possession of Class A Substance (heroin) with the Intent to Distribute. Brittany Drake was also placed under arrest on an outstanding arrest warrant.

Melendez was also additionally charged with resisting Arrest.

All suspects will be arraigned at the Worcester County District Courthouse.

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