WORCESTER – On Thursday, the WPD Vice Squad produced a search warrant for 91 Murray Ave, Apt 44 with the target suspect being 26-year-old Alejandro Quiles.

WPD Vice Squad Search Warrant Recovers Three Rocks of Crack Cocaine and .22 Caliber Revolver 1

Around 2 PM, Vice Squad members stopped Quiles leaving his apartment and informed him that they had a search warrant for his apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, the officers told Quiles and his fiancé  their Miranda right. Quiles told the officers he had a gun and crack cocaine in his apartment. The Vice Squad officers found three rocks of Crack cocaine, packaging, cut corner baggies, a digital scale, and a razor blade. In Quiles’ bedroom, they found a .22 caliber revolver under the mattress.  According to the WPD, Quiles does not have an FID card or License to Carry in Massachusetts.

Quiles told the officers that his fiancé was not aware of the drugs or the revolver being in the apartment. Quiles was placed under arrest. He was charged with Possession of a Class B Substance with intent to Distribute, Drug Violation within 1000’ of a School, Use of a Firearm in a Felony, Improper Storage of a Firearm, Carrying a Firearm without a License, and Armed Career Criminal Level 2. He will be arraigned at the Worcester District Court.

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