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Worcester State Grad Waits Patiently to Start Career in Uncertain Times

By Hope Rudzinski | June 12, 2020
Last Updated: July 8, 2021

WORCESTER – For many recent college graduates, plans after college and searching for a “dream job” is exciting. However, when a pandemic happens, plans can unknowingly shift.

Jordan Choquette, a recent graduate from Worcester State University, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in physical therapy. Choquette hoped to pursue a career in physical therapy with young athletes, however, due to COVID- 19 and other financial settings it was not the best decision for him currently.  

“With the COVID-19 crisis, my post graduate plans were to reach out to multiple surrounding biotech facilities in the Worcester area for either an internship or job offerings as an associate researcher. These plans were soon put to a halt, and with many employers not searching for new candidates it is an extremely hard time trying to find a job opening,” Choquette said. 

“Currently, I am putting forth effort into getting my resume and portfolio out to employers by applying to endless applications and seeing what opportunities arise in the near future,” she added, expressing concern for job placements in his field.  

In these trying times of need, Choquette strives to find a future job helping people.  

“I’m hoping in the near future I can come full circle back to what interests me the most and help those in need of a full recovery,” said Choquette. 

As the peak of the pandemic comes down, Choquette has big plans for the future and remains positive.  

“My plans for the near future when COVID-19 settles down is to hopefully be employed in the greater Worcester-area for the short term to gather experience and stay close to home. After a couple years hopefully venture out to the Boston-area and work in an advanced location working with senior researchers in genetic settings,” said Choquette.  

Choquette is making the most of his spare time by doing different activities to keep him busy.  

Choquette said, “For the time being, I am taking every opportunity to be active, running and working out as well as hiking and getting myself in a better mental and physical state. This can be a very tough time for many individuals, so at this point I am very happy to be where I am and thankful to have a supporting family through it all.”


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