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Two Teens Detained in Auburn for Replica-Style Water Guns

By Tom Marino | May 1, 2024
Last Updated: May 1, 2024

AUBURN – Teens using replica-style water guns were briefly detained in Auburn on Tuesday, April 30, after police received reports of someone with a gun inside a vehicle.

Police received the report from an employee at an Auburn based business that a man was waving a firearm around in a vehicle. While officers were on the way to the location, the caller reported the man got out of the vehicle with the weapon, then left in a vehicle.

Police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. According to the Auburn Police Department, the two teens in the vehicle were cooperative, polite, and were only briefly detained.

After a brief investigation, police determined that what was reportedly a handgun was a re-plica water pistol that the teens were using while playing a game similar to tag. Both teens were not students at Auburn High School.

In the above picture, the left side shows the water gun used by the teens. The right side are advertisements for firearms for sale.

Police advised the parents of the teens to use water guns that are not replica style and clearly toys.


Images courtesy of the Auburn Police Department/ Facebook


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