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Worcester Waits While Support for Safe Injection Sites Grows

A Massachusetts state senator  joined a growing chorus of voices endorsing pilots of overdose prevention centers in Mass., while Worcester waits.

Parents, Students Outraged by Firing of 2 Southbridge Teachers

Parents and students of Southbridge High School are expressing outrage after two teachers were fired on Wednesday.

Education Board Ignores Meeting Law, Hosts Politicized Panel

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shut out dissent in an unannounced panel on anti-Semitism dominated by politcal statements.

New State Data on Police Misconduct Released

See the officers named by The Mass. POST Commission release the third update of the Law Enforcement Officer Disciplinary Records Database.
Worcester Police Department Headquarters

City Manager Batista Seeks Reduced Police Oversight

City Manager Eric Batista has denied the Human Rights Commission access to documents related to police misconduct, hate crimes, and more.

Report: $1,625 for Fair Market 2-Bedroom Rental in Worcester Area

A new study finds that Massachusetts has the third most expensive housing rental costs, with housing cost unaffordable for those at median income.

How Massachusetts Fails Survivors of Sex Crimes

A local woman's fight for Massachusetts to provide legal protection from a man convicted of sexually abusing her nearly 20 years go.

Lawsuit Claims 44 Civil Violations by WPD in 2020 Protest Arrests

A 44 count civil lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, May 31, related to Worcester police action in response to a demonstration in 2020.

Sexual Assault Survivors Fighting for Changes to Mass. Law

Two survivors of sexual assault spoke in Milford on Wednesday, recounting their experiences and advocating for changes to Massachusetts law.