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Police Sedate, Relocate Bear from Near Rt. 146 in Worcester

By Tom Marino | April 30, 2024
Last Updated: April 30, 2024

WORCESTER – A bear on a road that crosses over Route 146 was sedated and relocated by law enforcement on Sunday, April 29.

The Massachusetts State Police barracks in Millbury responded to reports of a bear in the street on McKeon Road in Worcester at around 8:15 AM. Officers from the Worceester Police Department and animal control established a perimeter and contained the bear.

Massachusetts State Police Troopers and officers from the Massachusetts Environmental Police were able to advance to a position where a tranquilizer was used.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, the bear was relocated to an area away from major roadways and population centers, where it was released.


April 30, 2024


Images Courtesy of the Massachusetts State Police


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