Gas Prices Up 6 Cents Across Massachusetts this Week

Gas Prices Up 6 Cents Across Massachusetts this Week

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Gasoline prices in Massachusetts are up six cents this week.

According to AAA Northeast, an April 15 survey of prices in Massachusetts found self-serve, regular unleaded averaging at $2.61 per gallon — 22 cents lower than the national average of $2.83 and one cent lower than last year’s average price at this time.

“Spring gas prices continue to climb as the switchover to summer blend gasoline, which is more expensive to produce, becomes more prevalent,” said Mary Maguire, Director of Public and Legislative Affairs. “Demand has skyrocketed in the last few weeks, and while prices locally are significantly below the national average, they are still up 12 cents since the start of the year.”

Every Monday, releases the five cheapest places to get gas this week in Worcester. The lowest price as of Monday, April 15, was $2.51 per gallon.

The range in prices in the latest AAA survey for unleaded regular is 60 cents, from a low of $2.45 to a high of $3.05.

Today’s local gas prices and their ranges are as follows:

Self Serve                                        Grade                        

$2.61 ($2.45-$3.05)                         Regular Unleaded                  

$2.79 ($2.65-$3.09)                         Midgrade Unleaded               

$2.99 ($2.75-$3.29)                         Premium Unleaded                

$3.06 ($2.75-$3.39)                         Diesel

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