Listen/Watch: Dolly Parton Singing on New Sam James Tune

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Entertainment, Arts, Headlines

WORCESTER – Things keep going right for Sam James, and he keeps making Worcester proud.

He goes to Nashville a lot to do so, but still, it’s working.

He first pushed to a national level when he made it to the battle level on “The Voice,” picked by competition coach and singer Adam Levine for his team. This year alone, he’s been on “Songland,” had some singles climb on iTunes and had his co-written tune close out the movie “Abominable.” 

But still, James honestly thought David Saint Fleur was crazy when “Saint” suggested they ask Dolly Parton to sing on a tune they were producing.

Along with Eric Aukstikalnis, Saint and James penned and produced “Faith,” a flip of John Hiatt’s 1987 hit “Have a Little Faith in Me.” 

It wasn’t so crazy. 

“It was an amazing idea,” James told, “but I didn’t think she’d go for it. I’m really glad I was wrong. I’m just happy this song is succeeding and it has Worcester all over it. All three of us-Saint, Eric and myself-grew up in Worcester.” 



The song was officially released today — Friday, Oct. 25 — and Parton is slated to perform it at the CMA awards in Nasthville on Nov. 12. 

James plays Friday at Electric Haze with Dan Burke and the Royal Treatment at 9 PM.

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