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Michael’s Cigar Bar Closes, Seeks New Location

By Tom Marino | September 11, 2023
Last Updated: September 11, 2023

WORCESTER – After 14 years in business, Michael’s Cigar Bar, at 1 Exchange Place, has closed. The business had been shut down since Aug. 18 and announced it would be vacating its location on Sept. 8.

Mark Esperti, managing partner of Michael’s Cigar Bar, says in a letter posted to social media that the business will seek a new location.

The cigar bar was forced to close on Aug. 18 after a large flood in a basement of the 1 Exchange Place building. The flooding caused damage to electrical switchgear and the boiler system of the building. That led to the electricity service being shut down for the location.

Esperti says in response to the significant repair work needed at the location to restore electricity to businesses at the location, the landlord terminated its existing leases. The building owners plan to convert the space within the building into residential units.

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