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Podcast Ep. 7: How Worcester’s City Manager is Wrong on Spectrum

By Tom Marino | May 3, 2024
Last Updated: May 3, 2024

WORCESTER – In the 7th episode in 2024 of the This Week in Worcester Podcast in, Chair of the Worcester Cable Television Advisory Committee John Keough responds to a Substack blog post by City Manager Eric Batista on Wednesday where he declared he will renew Charter Spectrum’s contract to provide cable television services in the city.

Keough is the chair of the committee that unanimously recommended the city deny renewal of the city’s franchise agreement with Spectrum. Keough covers how the company hasn’t complied with the existing contract, how renewal fails to hold the company accountable, and what denial actually means. He also explains how Batista is “just wrong” in parts of his blog, and how his statement eliminates the best leverage the city had to negotiate a better deal for city residents.

Mentioned in this podcast are the city’s license agreement, and the Worcester Cable Television Advisory Committee Ascertainment Report.

Watch below:

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