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New State Data on Police Misconduct Released

By Tom Marino | January 2, 2024
Last Updated: March 15, 2024
Worcester Police Department Headquarters

BOSTON – The Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission release the third update to the Law Enforcement Officer Disciplinary Records Database on Friday, Dec. 29. The updated database includes 4,570 sustained complaints against 2,085 police personnel within 245 law enforcement agencies across Massachusetts.

The records submitted by the Worcester Police Department include 137 sustained charges against 44 officers. The department has not reported a new sustained complaint in 2023. There were four in 2022.

SEE BELOW: Complaints sustained by police departments across Worcester County

The number of complaints sustained against Worcester Police officers is much smaller than in Springfield and Boston.

The Springfield Police Department submitted 425 records against 207 of its officers to the POST Commission. The Boston Police Department submitted 732 complaints against 260 of its officers.

Three Worcester officers have a dozen or more sustained complaints.

17 Sustained Complaints Against One Officer

Angela Consiglio has accumulated 17 complaints by the Worcester Police Department Bureau of Professional Standards, the internal investigations unit within the department. The first alleged she threatened to shoot a gas company employee.

In February 1997, two complaints related to the same incident alleged racial bias and conduct unbecoming of an officer for a harassing phone call. Just three months later, in May 1997, another complaint for “making inappropriate remarks based on race and social class prejudices” was sustained. Related to the same incident, BOPS also sustained a complaints for making a harassing phone call and “questions about truthfulness arose during interview with BOPS.” Other cases sustained include berating a citizen while off duty, retaliation against someone dating the same person, and, most recently, abusive language in 2017.

Consiglio has been suspended for one to five days on five separate occasions.

Consiglio earned $127,976  as a police officer in Worcester in 2022, including $12,596 in detail pay and $10,641 in overtime pay. The POST Commission has certified Consiglio.

Jason Gaumond has a total of 13 sustained complaints, all in 2005. Four of those are for criminal conduct in the same incident.

Jarret Watkins has 12 sustained complaints, the last in 2009. Three different incidents generated those complaints.

Here is a summary of the reasons for complaints that were sustained against Worcester officers.

Complaint Type Complaints
Other / conduct unbecoming 83
Criminal Conduct 20
Failure to respond to an incident according to established procedure 8
Other / conduct unbecoming 8
Bias on Basis of Race 3
[Redacted] 3
Crimes involving physical force 2
Other form of untruthfulness 2
Motor vehicle accident, unsafe operation, or damage 2
Use of excessive, non-deadly force 1
Failure to report or intervene upon witnessing improper use of force 1
Filing a false report or committing perjury 1

See the officers listed from all Worcester County municipal departments, below:

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