SEE THE LIST: The 72 Unsolved Murders & Missing Persons Cases in Worcester

 by Patrick SargentApril 18, 2019

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WORCESTER - There are more than 70 active unsolved murders and missing persons cases being investigated by the Worcester Police Department [WPD].

In the third and final installment of's look into the unsolved disappearances of people in and around Worcester, we add the list of mysteries behind the circumstances of unresolved homicides that have occurred in Worcester. 

These homicides and missing persons cases cover nearly 50 years from 1973 to 2018. 

If anyone has information about any incident they can send an anonymous text to 274637 TIPWPD + your message or send an anonymous web based message. Calls can also be made to the Worcester Police Detective Bureau at 508-799-8651.


SEE THE LIST: 37 Missing People from Worcester County

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Click on names for more information: 

Worcester PD's Active Missing Persons Cases
3/19/2009 PATRICIA SANTOS 2 Sigourney St Missing
12/26/2005 WALDEMAR FELICIANO 63 East Central St Missing
4/19/1995 ROBIN VAUDREUIL 2 Pineview Ln Missing
1/1/1991 DONALD WALLACE May St @ Park Av Missing
12/23/1982 MARION KERSWELL 31 Margin St Missing
9/14/1982 CHARLES MCARTHUR Shrewsbury St Missing
2/1/1974 VICKE LEE LAMBERTON Assumption College Missing


SEE THE LIST: 7 Young People Missing from Worcester

Click on names for more information: 

Worcester's Unresolved Homicide Cases
7/29/2018 JOVANNEXEN RIVERA 11 Sturgis St Open Gun
5/26/2018 SIDNEY KROW 11 Holland Rd Open Gun
4/22/2017 MARK PADILLA 58 Providence St Open Stab wound
10/16/2016 JULIEN HOLLY 157 Harding St Open Gun
9/8/2016 JEFFREY LAVOILE 97 W Boylston St Open Gun
8/24/2016 JOSE ORTIZ 62 Elliot St Open Gun
3/10/2016 Alex Lora/Jessica McKeon 8 Forbes St Open Gun
11/30/2014 GEORGE SAYDEE 3 Duncannon Av Open Gun
10/17/2012 NATHAN OTERO 20 Clason Rd Open Gun
7/3/2012 JOHNATHAN KAPULKA 220 Grafton St Open Gun
5/13/2012 NESTOR RAMIREZ 5 Newton Av Open Gun
2/14/2012 JOSUE DURAN 15 Charlton St 201 Open Strangulation
2/6/2012 BELINDA TORRES 664 Main St N/A Gun
11/7/2011 FRANCISCO CARIDAD 664 Main St Open Blunt Object
1/26/2011 RYAN DEANS 5 Rice Ln 2 Open Gun
10/31/2010 EDWIN PENA 28 Preston St 3 Open Gun
3/4/2010 WILLIAM RIVERA 94 Sterling St 1 Open Gun
11/13/2009 FREDDIE ALLIANCE 43 Merrifield St Open Gun
4/12/2009 LOUIS ROSARIO 8 Hammond St 1L Open Gun
8/21/2008 WILLIAM SMITH 59 N Ashland St Open Stab wound
10/31/2007 ANDREW ROBINSON 4 N Ashland St Open Gun
10/31/2007 LUIS ACEVEDO 4 N Ashland St Open Gun
8/19/2004 SALORIN LOPEZ 275 Pleasant St Open Gun
8/1/2003 FRANK VANNEY 50 Franklin St Open Gun
8/1/2003 KWAKU OSEI-OWUSU 50 Franklin St Open Gun
10/8/2002 CARLOS TIRADO 100 Front St Open Head Trauma
7/5/2002 CANDACE SCOLA 3 Knox St Open Stab wound
3/15/2001 ELIZABETH MATOS 30 Parker St Open Gun
3/15/2001 WILLIAM VEGA 30 Parker St Open Gun
2/10/2001 JUAN GONZALEZ 141 Chandler St Open Gun
1/25/2000 PAUL MAIRANO 5 Shrewsbury St Open Gun
12/31/1998 FLORENCE JETTE 12 Wellington St Undetermined Asphyxia
11/7/1998 MARLON SANTOS 175 Eastern Ave Open N/A
10/18/1997 EDDY REYNOSO 108 Piedmont St Open Gun
8/17/1997 WILFREDO BURGOS 50 GBV Av Open Gun
5/2/1997 HERBERT MIKELL 179 Pleasant St Open Stab wound
10/28/1996 EDWIN BELTRAN 169 Tacoma St Open Gun
5/14/1996 PETER ALARIO 25 Ekman St Open Blunt Trauma
1/3/1996 ISAIS FELICIANO 272 Pleasant St Open Gun
12/28/1995 VINCENT MARTIN 578 Millbury St Open Head Trauma
7/13/1994 FRANCISCO VELEZ 34 Catherine St Open  
9/15/1993 JULIO VELEZ 8 Congress St Open Gun
2/4/1993 EVELYN CRUZ Summit St Open Strangulation
2/4/1993 SONIA BLANCO 28 Dix St Open Strangulation
9/22/1992 PAULETTE ANDREA Crompton Park Open Strangulation
8/5/1992 JOSE ESQUILIN 26 Woodbine St Open Gun
2/3/1992 JOHN VOLUNGIS 5 Porter St Open Stab wound
9/25/1991 TREVOR ROSE 21 Jaques Av Open Gun
9/23/1991 BRUCE WOOD Chestnut St Open Stab wound
2/7/1991 ANTOINETTE PERKINS Bailey Rd Airport
7/25/1990 LOI VO 88 Birch St Open Stab wound
12/10/1989 HELBERT MORENO 353 Chandler St Open Gun
8/5/1989 JOHN RILEY 16 Millbury St Open Stab wound
6/6/1989 NEREDA MELENDEZ Elliott St Open Strangulation
1/31/1989 ANGELA JONES Mason St Open Stab wound
12/4/1987 GUY BARNES 118 Norfolk St Open Stab wound
8/8/1987 PATRICIA EVANS 118 Piedmont St Open Strangulation
5/2/1987 BRIAN MACALISTER 48 Millbury St Open Gun
10/22/1984 PATRICIA GONYEA 97 Grand St RR Tracks Open Head Trauma
7/17/1984 LILLIAN JOHNSON 1 Freeland St Open  
6/30/1984 JOHN MINEAU 163 1/2 Grand St Open  
10/12/1982 ETHEL BOSWORTH Crescent St   Multiple Trauma
11/28/1980 FLORENCE HORTON 11 Salem St Open Stab wound
7/11/1979 ROBERT LARGESS 82 Millbury St Open Gun
11/13/1977 ANTHONY MATTERO Gold St Open Run Over (MV)
10/31/1973 ROBERT PARINI 208 Pleasant St Open Gun

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