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Locally-Filmed ‘The Investigators’ Promises Dysfunctional Fun

By Hope Rudzinski | March 2, 2021
Last Updated: July 8, 2021

SPENCER –  Actor and producer Forest Quaglia hopes to bring his small-town film, The Investigators, to the big screen. 

All of the actors involved in the film are from the New England area and most of the scenes were filmed locally in Worcester County, Boston and Warwick, Rhode Island.

March 2, 2021 forest quaglia

The Investigators is about two private investigators who put their crime fighting skills to the test while navigating through their dysfunctional brotherly bond.  

“About six months ago, I had my first idea about producing The Investigators. It all started when I was brainstorming ideas for a fun project to work on with my colleagues in the filmmaking community. Until now, I had never done any comedy work and figured it was time,” Quaglia said.

Once he had written a rough draft of the script, Quaglia started reaching out to some other industry professionals to see who might be interested in collaborating. 

“My talented friend, Will O’Connor, who I had met a year ago on another film, decided to partner up with me as a producer on this movie. We started discussing ideas and the project continued to grow rapidly. The Investigators quickly gained traction and pre-production had officially started,” Quaglia said. 

Quaglia wanted to keep the film as minimalistic as he could. The principal cast includes just three people: Quaglia as Detective Norfolk, O’Connor as Detective Chance and Amadeus Finlay as Dave. Other cast members were used for small scenes and background work. 

The core film crew is also a small group with just six people: Director Teddy Pryor, Director of Photography Zach Suto, Assistant Camera Colin Munson, Sound Designer Matt Doucette, Editor Samantha Magnarelli & Set Decorator Kendall Pestana.

March 2, 2021 forest quaglia
On the set of The Investigators/Image courtesy The Investigators Movie

Quaglia and his crew’s post-production plans are to submit the film into the film festival circuits followed by submitting it for self-distribution through Amazon Prime and a few smaller streaming platforms as well.  

“All our cast and crew members went above and beyond all our expectations. The Investigators film production will be forever grateful to these amazingly talented and hardworking professionals,” Quaglia said.  

Connect with The Investigators movie on Instagram, Facebook, IMDB, or their website — — to keep updated, watch blooper reels, or connect with the cast.  

The movie is anticipated to be released sometime this year. Watch the first official teaser below:

YouTube video


Lead image courtesy: EDITED – The Investigators Movie/Facebook

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