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Worcester Launches Free Energy Assessment Program

By Tom Marino | November 14, 2023
Last Updated: November 14, 2023

The City of Worcester launched a new Smart Energy Advice program which makes participants eligible for a no-cost energy assessment to spot opportunities for energy savings, including insulation and heating and cooling equipment upgrades.

The program includes two Energy Advocates recently hired into the Department of Sustainability and Resilience. The effort is part of the city’s participation in the 2023-2024 Community First Partnership grant program, a collaborative effort with local Mass Save sponsors National Grid and Eversource. Worcester is one of nine Community Partner Teams participating in this year’s program.

The program’s addition benefits include:

  • Substantial discounts, ranging from 75%-100%, on approved insulation upgrades, which can lead to an average 20% reduction in heating and cooling costs.
  • Rebates of up to $16,000 for installing heat pumps.
  • Zero-percent financing, up to $25,000, for eligible projects.
  • Complimentary improvements for air leak sealing.
  • No-cost energy-saving products like programmable thermostats and advanced power strips.

The Energy Advocates are tasked with guiding individuals through scheduling energy assessments, accessing rebates and incentives, assisting with energy bill explanations, and providing referrals to additional resources. The City is dedicated to offering cost-saving energy efficiency solutions to a diverse group of residents, small businesses, religious institutions, and non-profits. Special focus is being given to engage renters and landlords, non-English speaking or Limited English Proficiency residents, and low-to-moderate income households through targeted outreach.

Chief Sustainability Officer John Odell expressed his enthusiasm about the program’s launch, “This is a significant step towards helping our community members save on their energy bills while also contributing to our broader environmental goals. Our Green Worcester Plan requires collective action to reach our energy reduction targets, and this program is a key part of that effort.”

As a selected Community Partner Team, Worcester is eligible for up to $60,000 in annual funding for two years, supporting outreach, marketing, and technical efforts. Over the next two months, the City will be dispatching letters to property owners to explain the program and encourage participation.

Those interested in participating can contact the Energy Advocates with initial questions or start their energy efficiency efforts by requesting a no-cost energy assessment at the Mass Save website or by calling (508) 372-8389.


Image Credit: Free Images UK

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