Worcester Ranked in Top 20 Safest Cities in America in 2021

 by TWIW StaffOctober 5, 2021

WORCESTER - The city of Worcester is in the Top 20 in this year's list of the safest cities in America.

On Tuesday, WalletHub released their 2021's Safest Cities in America report -- a comparison of more than 180 cities across dozens of safety metrics.

SEE THE MAP BELOW: 2021 Safest Cities in America

WalletHub's data defines city safety as the quality of the protection of its residents and includes a series of safety issues, including COVID-19 deaths in the past week per capita, assaults per capita, unemployment rate and road quality.

Worcester ranks #18 overall in WalletHub's list, higher than Providence (#39) and Boston (#54). Worcester's high ranking is in large thanks to its overall high rankings for lack of risk for a natural disaster and its low percentage of uninsured residents.

Safest Cities in America Least Safe Cities in America
1. Columbia, MD 173. Lubbock, TX
2. South Burlington, VT 174. St. Petersburg, FL
3. Nashua, NH 175. Anchorage, AK
4. Yonkers, NY 176. Birmingham, AL
5. Madison, WI 177. Baton Rouge, LA
6. Portland, ME 178. Memphis, TN
7. Warwick, RI 179. Oklahoma City, OK
8. Raleigh, NC 180. San Bernardino, CA
9. Burlington, VT 181. Fort Lauderdale, FL
10. Winston-Salem, NC 182. St. Louis, MO

To see how Worcester compared to other cities in New England and across the country, scroll the map below:

Source: WalletHub

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