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Worcester Public Library Launches Search for Golden Tickets

By Tom Marino | April 10, 2024
Last Updated: April 10, 2024

WORCESTER – The Worcester Public Library (WPL) has launched a new promotion in search of a golden ticket.

Starting on April 10, each of the WPL book vending machines will have one special book that includes a golden ticket within the cover. Each ticket enables the individual who discovered it to select from prizes that include a Google Chromebook, a Nintendo Switch Lite, a dinner and a movie gift pack, or a $150 gift card to the grocery store of your choice.

The WPL has vending machine locations at Union Station, the YMCA Central Branch, and the Worcester Senior Center.

“We believe that every journey into literature is an adventure waiting to happen,” said Jason Homer, Executive Director of the Worcester Public Library. “With the Golden Ticket Adventure, we aim to spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and reward the spirit of exploration in our community.”

The Worcester Public Library Foundation sponsored this promotion.

In March, WPL received widespread acclaim for its promotion by providing late fee forgiveness for pictures of cats.


Image courtesy of Worcester Public Library


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