From This Minor Change Could Doom Worcester’s Kelley Square

From This Minor Change Could Doom Worcester’s Kelley Square

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WORCESTER – Where will they go?

The answer to this question could determine the fate of Kelley Square redesign.

Discussion about the redesign of Kelley Square has focused on the “peanut” design, crosswalks and bike lanes. But there’s a more fundamental question that could determine whether the project succeeds or fails.

With MassDOT preparing for its May 22 public hearing on the final design, it’s a good time to highlight an often overlooked element of the redesign and see if we can figure out what the effect will be.

Page 21 of MassDOT’s presentation for the 25% design public hearing in February dealt with Vernon Street at I-290. The page contains this note, which has appeared in nearly every public record about the project, “Left prohibited from I-290 WB off-ramp.”

Uh oh.

The big question is how do the people who live south of Vernon Street and Winthrop Street (see below) get where they want to go?


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