Get Gas as Low as $2.27 per Gallon this Week in Worcester

 by Patrick SargentMarch 18, 2019

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WORCESTER –Looking for cheap gas? The Boston-based tech company GasBuddy has developed an app with real-time fuel prices across the country.

Below are the five gas stations with the cheapest prices for regular unleaded gasoline this week in Worcester. Prices range from $2.27 to $2.55 per gallon.

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The 5 Places to Get the Cheapest Gas in Worcester:

1. BP  – 702 W. Boylston St near Marland Rd.

Regular Unleaded – $2.27 per gallon

2. Phillips 66 – 615 W. Boylston St & Assumption Ave

Regular Unleaded – $2.29 per gallon

3. Bee Zee – 177 SW Cutoff near Grafton St.

Regular Unleaded – $2.31 per gallon

4. XtraMart – 1099 Grafton St. near Sunderland Rd. 

Regular Unleaded – $2.34 per gallon

5. Shell – 48 Madison St. & Southbridge St. 

Regular Unleaded – $2.34 per gallon

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