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Help This Family Whose Hardest Day Left them Drowning in Medical Debt

By Tom Marino | January 31, 2024
Last Updated: January 31, 2024

WORCESTER – Julia Duggan of Sturbridge has launched a fundraiser at GoFundMe to support her sister, Maria, and her husband, Brandon, whose happiest day turned to tragedy.

In August, Maria and Brandon headed to Saint Vincent Hospital in the early morning for what they expected to be the birth of their child. After a full day in labor and unforeseen complications, Maria was rushed into an emergency c-section. During the procedure, doctors determined their son, Cash Walker Parks, had died.

Maria condition also deteriorated. She was rushed into one surgery, then the ICU, then a third surgery for an emergency hysterectomy, ending her hope of carrying another child.

The couple now struggle with medical bills from Maria’s three surgeries, a stay in ICU, and her hospital stay. The couple also hope to pursue alternative family planning, which includes egg retrieval and freezing, surrogacy, and the medical bills associated with that process

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